Fostering Partnerships 

A Ministry to Families and Children of Foster Care

Our Michigan Kids                         

Over 13,000 Michigan children are currently in foster care, and only 5,300 homes are licensed to foster them. Agencies struggle to retain good foster homes while more children are removed from their birth homes and put into care. The cycle hasn't slowed down, and agencies can't license new foster homes fast enough to support the growing number of children needing safe, loving environments. Recruitment is a challenge, but equally so is the challenge to retain good foster homes. Research shows that many foster parents quit fostering due to a "lack of support".

If you are interested in becoming a licensed foster parent, let us help you consider some possible directions.

But not everyone is called to become a foster parent.
Is there a way to get involved without getting licensed for foster care?

Yes there is.

Most people want to help, but they don't know how. 

But if you can...bake a casserole and delivery it with a fold laundry or reorganize a bedroom for a new child arriving...find discounted or free resources needed for foster children...then you can be a team member with Fostering Partnerships!

If your organization is interested in supporting foster families and bio families keep reading to find more about this organization!

A wraparound-style ministry to both foster families and the foster children in their care. By providing tangible and meaningful support through the love and care of members of the church family, Fostering Partnerships 

aims to......more

Teams are composed of church members who love the ministry of foster care, and want to see children have every opportunity to succeed. Some of them have fostered, others have not. By doing their part, they are providing relationship and practical ....more

Our foster families are Christ followers who desire increased support and see a need to better connect their local body of believers in meeting foster children and youth's needs.